PhoneSlate for Entertainment Professionals

Producers, talent agents, and creative executives do a lot of work on the phone, so we designed PhoneSlate with Hollywood in mind.

Fast and Powerful

Logging a call and adding it to a teammate's phone sheet takes seconds. Import your contacts so they're all available or quickly add new contacts on the fly. Need to organize your phone sheet? You can filter your calls by project, contact, or date with two clicks.

Made for Teams

No matter the size of your office, PhoneSlate can help you stay on the same page. Flexible collaboration tools make it easy for one assistant to manage multiple phone sheets or for several assistants to support one busy executive. Learn more.

Easy to Share

Need to update a boss or teammate on their calls? You can send a clear, easy-to-read phone sheet in the body of an email or share a web link. If your office prefers paper, create a printable version with one click. Learn more.


With the PhoneSlate mobile app for iOS and Android, you can check and update your phone sheet anytime, anywhere. When its time to roll calls, just dial from the app.

Ready to Go

PhoneSlate is web-based so it's ready to go. You don't need servers, installation, or bulky, expensive software suites. It's just a simple, powerful, phone sheet that's always up-to-date, on all your devices.

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