Collaboration with PhoneSlate

PhoneSlate lets you log and manage calls as a team, on any device.

Fits Any Team

Every office is different. That’s why we designed PhoneSlate’s collaboration features to be as flexible as possible. Whether you’re working on your own or as part of a large team, PhoneSlate can make sure your business never misses an important call.

Your Phone Sheet

In PhoneSlate, each user has his or her own phone sheet. This is where you log calls that you make or need to take action on.

Accessing Other Phone Sheets

If you’re working with teammates, just request access to their accounts using their email addresses.

Managing Calls for Teammates

When you have access to a teammate’s account, you can access their contacts, add calls to their phone sheet, and edit or update their calls.

Producing Summaries and Printouts

If you have access to multiple phone sheets—a receptionist who takes calls for several bosses, for example—you can view all the calls for your company or filter by teammate. Create summaries and to-do lists for each person in your office and share them as an email, a web link, or a printout.

Managing Access

If your team changes, it’s easy to revoke access or add new collaborators.

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